Our history

Melomind™ was developed by Doctors of Neuroscience (PhD), in collaboration with the Brain and Spine Institute in Paris. Our mission is to provide the general public with the neuroscientific knowledge and innovations developed over the past 60 years. To do so, we have miniaturized a technology that was previously only accessible to the clinical and medical world.

Melomind™allows anyone to take advantage of EEG technology and neurofeedback to improve their daily lives thanks to a better knowledge of their own brain.

Our awards

Why melomind™?

“As a neuroscientist, the brain has always fascinated me with its immense capacity to learn. Sport, my second passion, taught me to follow a simple yet essential maxim: “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. It is this balance that I am trying to achieve.
We are all aware today of the need to take care of ourselves. In an increasingly demanding and stressful environment, a healthy lifestyle, both physical and mental, is an objective for all of us.
In this quest, the brain holds a fundamental place. Recent scientific knowledge about how it works, as well as incredible advances in neuroscience and neurotechnology, are helping to develop solutions to improve health and well being.
On the basis of this new knowledge, we have createdmelomind™, the result of several years of research: this deep relaxation training method, based on
“neurofeedback”, allows each person to follow his or her brain activity in real time
and gradually learn to control it by reinforcing the brain’s ability to relax.
Today, we wish to share this personalized, evolving approach, which aims to meet
the priority social challenge of all industrialized societies: learning to manage stress”

Yohan Attal, PhD, President, Co-founder of myBrain Technologies

Découvrez les quatre bénéfices de la réduction du stress

Le stress n’est pas une fatalité et ses effets sont réversibles. Si vous ne pouvez pas toujours en contrôler les causes, vous pouvez contrôler vos réactions face aux situations stressantes. Après quelques séances avec le casque Melomind vous pourrez apprécier pleinement ces quatre bénéfices :

  • Amélioration de la qualité du sommeil.
  • Diminution de la pression.
  • Amélioration de l’humeur.
  • Amélioration de la concentration et de la mémoire.

Let's try the Melomind helmet !

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