Melomind : the brain-training solution to rediscover balance and efficiency


Relaxation-enhancing training programs conceived for companies and wellness professionals


Melomind Corporate Wellness

Serving your collaborators' worklife balance and your company's performance.

Easy to implement, participative and voluntary, Melomind's training programs are made to enhance employee wellbeing and team cohesion.

Melomind Wellness Professionals

Provide your clients with a new dimension of wellness based on a high-end neuroscientific care treatment. 

Melomind's personalized training programs integrate your list of treatments to provide your clients with a new high-value typology of scientifically proven services.


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Melomind, the most of neuroscience and technology for your wellness

Awarded at CES 2018, Melomind is the result of four years of research and development by our team of neuroscience experts.
Melomind provides users with a unique, engaging and guided relaxation experience conceived to improve wellbeing at the core: the brain.


They are talking about Melomind


They adopted Melomind

Melomind is a promising concept with extremly large potential fields of application. We are very happy to collaborate with myBrain Technologies, which was founded by two previous members of our team.
— Nathalie George, Laurent Hugueville, Denis Schwartz from the team MEG-EEG at the Brain and Spine Institute (ICM)
By implementing the innovative headset Melomind, the thalasso treatment “Voyage Zen bio” brings a new solution - conceived in partnership with our physiologists - to achieve stress management and gain control over relaxation.
— Martial Denêtre, CEO of Carnac Thalasso & spa resort
Melomind is an innovative solution with true possibilities in terms of worklife quality. We are glad to be part of the pioneering companies discovering and testing Melomind.
— Didier Moaté, HR Director at La Banque Postale
I think that the Melomind headset, integrating neuro-feedback actions, should improve our patients’ health by allowing them to better manage stress, which impacts the cognitive, neurovegetative, endocrinal, and immune systems. In the field of ENT, Melomind should release some forms of neuropathy, which are resistant to drug treatment.
— Richard Vericel, ENT specialist
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