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Our brain is a complex organ made up of billions of nerve cells called neurons, which make connections between them. These neural connections are like roads that connect the regions of our brain specifically involved in the task we are doing.

These connections are created, modified, reorganized or strengthened, particularly during the learning process, from embryonic development, to childhood toward adulthood. This ability of the brain to rearrange itself is called neuroplasticity. It appears especially when we have a new experience or when we are trying to learn something new.

This natural process of neuroplasticity in our brain can be stimulated with neurofeedback: a method created and mainly used in the clinical setting since the 1960s. This procedure is based on a technique capable of measuring your brain activity in real-time. The technique used by Melomind is electroencephalography (EEG), which non-invasively measures the electrical activity of your brain through electrodes positioned on the scalp.

How does it work?

By providing you real-time sensory feedback on your brain activity and encouraging you to try to modulate  (i.e. to control) it, neurofeedback can strengthen specific neural connections in your brain.

In particular, Melomind™ targets  Alpha activity, a portion of the EEG activity which is related, among other, to the natural process of relaxation. Therefore, the more your neural connections get stronger thanks to the practice of neurofeedback, the more easily your brain is able to relax.

Scientific Analysis of your Brain Activity

Melomind mesures your brain wave activity. This scientific technique makes visible what happens inside your skull. Melomind gives you concrete and objective data to understand your personal relaxation mechanism as well as the physiological imbalances due to stress. The data is sent to your application via bluetooth. The waves read by our Melomind sensors are translated into an auditory signal that mirrors your state of relaxation

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Analyse de l'activité cérébrale
Un Retour Sensoriel Audio

A real time auditory feedback system

The Melomind headset immerses you into a natural soundscape. While you are resting your mind to the sounds of waves breaking on the shore, or the tropical birds our integrated sensors are measuring your brain activity.
Depending on your level of stress Melomind creates a signal that subtly guides you towards deep relaxation. The auditory signal is the immediate reflection of your state of mind, mirror of your brain activity.

Discover the sound universe

Visual Representation of your Brain Activity

The Melomind application presents the fluctuations of your brain activity in the form of user friendly charts and graphics. After each deep relaxation session of 9 to 15 mins, you will have access to your brain activity data. The melomind app determines the percentage of deep relaxation vs active mental state. Personalised tips and our experts advice will accompany you
throughout your journey.

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Why train your brain?

Pour mieux se connaître

To better know yourself

Melomind offers deep knowledge
about yourself. The real time
feedback of your brain activity enables
you to better understand and
manage what triggers

Améliorer la performance

To improve performance

Throughout your practice you will learn to exert conscious control of your brain activity. The results of brain training techniques are proven scientifically.

Santé Mentale

For Mental Health

The brain is a dynamic system continually reconfiguration. The eurofeedback training
strengthens positive neural connections and breaks the negative physiological responses due to stress.

Doctors recommend it to you

Doctor Frédéric Kochman

Child psychiatrist

“Reactivating alpha calming waves helps rebalance the cortex and subcortex and thus alleviate chronic stress. Mood disorders, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are very effective models in this context. “

Doctor Mathieu Bernard


“Neurofeedback also leads to a cascade of benefits: improvement of immune defenses, bone strengthening, weight loss, lower blood pressure, reduction in inflammatory phenomena. “

Train your brain to be your best

Integrated HD sensors, instant feedback of your brain activity, a connected app, Melomind your optimal guide towards mental wellness.

399,00 TTC

Or pay in 4x

399,00 TTC

Or pay in 4x

Train your brain to be your best

Integrated HD sensors, instant feedback of your brain activity, a connected app, Melomind your optimal guide towards mental wellness.

399,00 TTC

Or pay in 4x

399,00 TTC

Or pay in 4x

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