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Neurofeedback, a clinically-used brain-training method, makes it possible to conciously stimulate the natural neuroplasticity process of your brain. This procedure, capable of measuring your brain activity, is called electroencephalogy (EEG) .

How does it work ?

Melomind targets the alpha waves in your brain which play a key role in the natural process of relaxation. Alpha waves are generated when your mind is relaxed or in a state of quiet mindfulness. Beneficial effects include improved sleep, lower stress levels and better focus.
Melomind collects signals transmitted by your brain and creates a coaching program to boost your well being.

Melomind solution

Every second,
we are evolving.

When experience something, or learn something new, our brain creates new neural connections. These connections are like roads that connect the regions of the brain that are specifically involved in the task we are performing.

Train your brain to be your best partner

Integrated HD sensors, live feedback of your brain activity, a user-friendly app, Melomind a flawless guide towards inner calm.

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