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Improving customer wellbeing with neuroscience


A neuroscientific care conceived for wellness and health professionals

Whether you are a practicioner in a wellness center, an independant physiologist or even a coach, the programs Melomind Wellness Pro were conceived to help you guide your clients through mental relaxation.

Based on the electroencephalographic technology - EEG - Melomind integrates your list of care treatments to provide your clients with a new typology of high-value neuroscientific services.


Expand your care offer with mental wellness

These past few years, mental wellness cares grew tremendously. Today, clients are looking for new preventive treatments allowing them to find physical and mental balance.

Implementing Melomind means giving your clients access to the latest technological innovations, taken out of neuroscientific research laboratories to deeply improve their wellbeing. Melomind is the missing link of a complete wellness offer, efficient on both body and mind.

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Melomind programs: made to find balance and performance


Your gain

  • A turnkey solution adapted to your organization

  • Technical support when implementing Melomind

  • Staff training for how to use Melomind and the science behind

  • Over-time follow-up of your clients' progress


Your clients'

  • A supervized and personalized care for each user
  • Over-time follow-up of each session's results

  • Analytics and reports on their relaxation level's evolution

  • A solution that is easy to pick up


For Wellness Professionals, an online platform allows the monitoring of Melomind headsets in-use, users' progressions and performances.

By implementing the innovative headset Melomind, the thalasso treatment “Voyage Zen bio” brings a new solution - conceived in partnership with our physiologists - to achieve stress management and gain control over relaxation.
— Martial Denêtre, CEO of Carnac Thalasso & spa resort
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Implementing Melomind in your wellness center


A tailor-made solution for your center

  • Programs adapted to your organization
  • Staff-training conceived by neuroscientists
  • Regular follow-ups to meet user expectations

  • Concrete and personalized objectives to ensure an efficient training


Provide a solution accessible to all to grow wellbeing

  • An easy-to-use solution created by researchers

  • A user-friendly training, for relaxation experts and beginners 

  • Embedded intelligence to favor user progress

  • Aware collaborators made actors of their wellbeing


Personalized coaching for every client

  • Guided and easy to pick up

  • A coaching adapted to the user's performance

  • Progress follow-up all along the program

  • Individualized and confidential access to the training results


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