Relax, you can trust your brain

Votre cerveau est merveilleux.

Nous oublions souvent que notre organisme est régi par notre cerveau, ce chef d’orchestre invisible aux capacités incroyables.


Your brain is amazing.

We tend to forget that our whole system is controlled by our brain, this invisible conductor with incredible capabilities.


You are continuously evolving


Every time we live a new experience or try to learn something new, our brain established new neuronal connections. These connections are like roads that connect the specific regions of our brain that are involved in the task we are performing.


The more we engage them, the more they will reinforce themselves. This natural mechanism is called neuroplasticity.


You can train in real time


It is possible to stimulate this natural process of neuroplasticity thanks to a method created and used in the clinical environment, called the neurofeedback. This procedure is based on an electro-encephalogram system (EEG) capable of measuring your brain activity.


By providing you with a sensorial feedback reflecting your brain activity in real time, and by encouraging you to try and control it, neurofeedback trains specific neuronal connections in your brain. With Melomind, we are training the Alpha waves, which are the specific waves engaged in the natural process of relaxation. The more your neuronal connections reinforce themselves with practice over time, the more your brain is capable of relaxing easily.




Melomind has been developed by myBrain Technologies, in collaboration with the Brain and Spine Institute (Institut du Cerveau et de la Moëlle Épinière - ICM) : a big team of neuroscientists and engineers fascinated by the human brain.


We have created a solution that enables access to brain training to anyone. A new way of taking care of our brain, to achieve a complete well-being.