Privacy Policy for the Melomind mobile app


The following privacy policy – hereinafter “Privacy Policy”– describes the information that myBrain Technologies may collect through your browsing on the mobile app – hereinafter “the Application – as well as how that information may be used.

Concerned with protecting the privacy of each individual downloading the Application, myBrain Technologies considers it essential to inform You in advance, in a clear and transparent way, about the use of trackers during your navigation on the Application. 

When browsing on the Application, You accept the use of trackers under the conditions described below. You can oppose the submission of those trackers by following the instructions indicated in the section “How to refuse the use of trackers?”

1/ What is a tracker?

A tracker is a tiny element of data temporarily stored on the terminal’s hard drive –computer, tablet, mobile phone– via the navigation browser when visiting an online service. They are largely used by Internet websites and mobile apps. They provide some information to the owners of the websites and mobile apps, especially for audience monitoring purposes. These trackers only record information related to your navigation on the Application.

Trackers do not cause any damage to the terminal, but make it easier, for example, to find preferences, pre-fill certain fields and adapt the content of the Application’s services. This data allows the improvement of the Application’s functioning.

2/ How to refuse the use of trackers?

You can set up your devices to automatically accept all trackers, to notify You when a tracker is issued, or to never accept tracker. However, the latter option may prevent certain personalized services from being provided, and as a result prevent You from taking full advantage of all the features offered by the Application. 

If You do not wish to receive trackers in general or wish to only refuse some trackers, You can modify the Application’s settings as appropriate.

Otherwise, You accept trackers to be used by default when pursuing your navigation.

3/ For what purpose do we use trackers?

We use trackers for the following purposes:

  • Achieve mass statistics on variable parameters – such as connection failure rate, connection number per headset, connection methods, and so on – in order to improve the Application’s operation.

4/ What types of trackers do we use?

The Application uses the audience measuring tool Fabric, owned by Google. Those trackers do not permit personal identification of a user.

Trackers results provide myBrain Technologies with the following information: connection data relating to the date, time, Internet address, the protocol of the user's terminal and the page viewed. myBrain Technologies does not transfer any of this data to third parties, do not re-use it for other purposes, and do not keep it in any way for a period longer than thirteen months. Although myBrain Technologies has no control over the provider of analytical tools Fabric, who is responsible for its own processing, nor over the data it collects, including in the context of data transfers outside the European Union, myBrain Technologies has deemed it essential to mention them in order for You to have clear and complete information about the fact that their use may, if necessary, require You to give your consent.

If you wish to exercise your right to object, myBrain Technologies confirms that no connection data will be transferred to any provider of audience analysis tools. Finally, you have the right to access your data by contacting the supplier involved and specifying the identification number of the tracker that will be provided by the supplier.



The Melomind application's Privacy Policy was last updated on: April 30th, 2018