Take control of your relaxation


Dive into yourself

What is more extraordinary and intimate than listening to your mind? That is what the Melomind experience offers to you.
Embarking in a unique sensory and musical journey, you get to explore your own relaxation. Melomind transports you into your personal mental space, and gives you the keys to settle in and develop your own wellness abilities.


Take a journey to Stability

Progressing in pair with your relaxation level, Melomind's music allows you to become aware of an unconscious phenomenon.

When following a training session, the audio feedback is the exact translation of what is happening in your brain, allowing you to act on your ability to relax and strengthen it. 


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A unique sensory experience

Conceived as your relaxation companion, Melomind accompanies you all along your quest to wellness. Created with several artists, Melomind's universe arouses your senses.

Melomind progresses with you and broadens its content at every level to provide you with a constantly renewed experience. 

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Wellness at your fingertips

Over time, Melomind gets to know you and adapts its exerices to accelerate your progression. With its session reports and analytics, the app gives you the keys to better understand and manage your relaxation.


Regular training to achieve success

Just like an athlete, the more you are involved and constant in exercising with Melomind, the stronger and longer you feel its benefits.

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The best of neurotechnology

Mixing technological prowess with scientific excellence, Melomind was designed to take you even deeper in your relaxing experience.

Safely measuring your brain activity with non-intrusive sensors, Melomind provides you with an exceptional listening comfort, for an all-in-one solution that perfectly blends into your daily life. 

With pure lines and true wooden finishes, Melomind is a unique product vehiculating both innovation and relaxation.