How does melomind™ help you improve the quality of your sleep?

The headset melomind™ gives you the keys to reach by yourself and more and more easily, a state of relaxation and soothing that will help you in your daily life. You will thus break the vicious circle of bad sleep and feel more armed to overcome the small challenges of everyday life.

Discover the melomind™ headset

From the first session :

Our users observe a decrease in perceived stress and an immediate increase in the feeling of relaxation.

In a matter of weeks :

You will have taught your brain to relax more effectively outside of your training sessions. That’s when the benefits of everyday life start to show: better sleep, better mood and even better physical condition.

In the long run :

You will improve the functioning of your brain network and will be better prepared for stressful situations such as constant questioning, fear of failure, unfounded worries…

Discover the 4 benefits of improved sleep.

Do you find that your poor sleep is affecting your quality of life? Get out of the looping thoughts and the vicious circle of nightly ruminations with the headset melomind™. After a few training sessions, you will be able to fully appreciate these four benefits :

  • Soothe your mind for the long term
  • Permanently improve the quality of your falling asleep and your sleep.
  • Reduce your stress.
  • Abandon your permanent state of preoccupation.

Découvrez les 4 bénéfices de l’amélioration du sommeil.

Vous trouvez que votre mauvais sommeil affecte votre qualité de vie ? Sortez des pensées qui tournent en boucle et du cercle vicieux des ruminations nocturnes avec le casque Melomind. Après quelques séances d’entraînement, vous pourrez apprécier pleinement ces quatre bénéfices :

  • Apaisez durablement votre esprit.
  • Améliorez durablement la qualité de votre endormissement et de votre sommeil.
  • Réduisez votre stress.
  • Abandonnez votre état de préoccupation permanent.

It’s time to try the melomind headset !

Test the melomind headphones for 30 days and get a money back guarantee.