Coping with stress at work: the harmful effects of chronic stress and what you can do to beat it.

Headaches, sleep disturbances, stomachaches, raised blood pressure .. are those physical symptoms familiar? Chronic stress is becoming a major health problem in the business world. What is chronic stress, and how to address it? picto stress Stress is a natural physical response. Let’s debunk a myth: stress is not necessarily a bad thing! This brilliant […]

Anxiety, stress, depression … what are the differences?

A lump in the stomach, a feeling of permanent tiredness, a sudden panic attack, motivation that plunges, dark thoughts … These sensations are sometimes so present that they disrupt daily life. Understanding the particularities of anxiety, stress and depression is important in the follow-up and differentiated treatment that these mental disorders require. So how do […]

What happens during a 15-minute session withmelomind™?

Learn to relax? It is now possible thanks melomind™to a relaxation training program based on the EEG. Live, melomind™measures your brain activity and allows you to listen to your brain! You’re about to start your first session melomind™and… you don’t know what to expect. Don’t panic! Don’t panic! To avoid apprehending the unknown of this […]

What is neurofeedback for? The proven benefits of brain training for daily relaxation

Neurofeedback is an EEG brain training practice. This non-invasive and painless method extracts information about the electrical activity of the brain. The result? The possibility given to individuals to learn to control an area of their brain… Used for a long time to treat pathologies such as epilepsy or depression, this practice now goes much […]

The 4 Good Mental Health Resolutions to Make in 2020

The New Year traditionally means new resolutions. These are often related to physical fitness, professional life, or social life. But what if, to start this new decade, you focused on improving your mental health? Here are some practices to put in place to strengthen your mental well-being: Learning to identify the wellness processes that work […]

Headset that train your brain : how a research team wired a complex technology into an everyday product

A passionate team of neuroscientists, engineers and designers dreams about making a technology until then restricted to the clinical environment accessible to everybody. Their idea: an EEG headset that enables anyone into measuring its brain activity using the neuro-feedback technology, a method based on an electro-encephalogram system (EEG) capable of measuring your brain activity. A […]