What happens during a 15-minute session withmelomind™?

Learn to relax? It is now possible thanks melomind™to a relaxation training program based on the EEG. Live, melomind™measures your brain activity and allows you to listen to your brain!

You’re about to start your first session melomind™and… you don’t know what to expect. Don’t panic! Don’t panic! To avoid apprehending the unknown of this new tool, I propose you to navigate together the steps of a sessionmelomind™.

helmet melomind drawing

Take some time for yourself.

Sitting, in a quiet place, eyes closed. In order to fully enjoy the benefits of melomind™, it is advisable to take some time for oneself. Fifteen minutes are enough for each session. Move away from noise, agitation, and choose a place where you feel good and confident. Are you ready?

Let yourself be guided step by step.

Once the headset is installed on your head, open the application melomind™on your phone and let it guide you. If this is your very first session, take a few minutes to connect the headset to your phone via Bluetooth: follow the instructions on the screen for a smooth installation.

Then start the first session. In your ears, two waves of sound can be heard, one on top of the other: the first is a relaxing atmosphere. Imagine the sound of flowing water, walking in the forest, birds chirping… This relaxing atmosphere is there to make you travel. Close your eyes, and let yourself be carried away. The mind relaxes, the muscles rest, the breathing slows down… The body quietly puts itself in a state of relaxation.

Above this relaxing atmosphere, you hear a more musical sound. This sound indicator is a reflection of your brain activity: a loud sound indicator indicates that your brain activity is important. A soft, discreet or even absent sound indicator indicates that your brain activity is at rest. This sound accompanies you throughout the session, and varies according to the brain activity at each moment. You’ll see that in fifteen minutes, it goes through all the states!

Without looking like it, your brain is learning.

The sound indicator you hear during the relaxing session is of great importance in the neurofeedback learning melomind™process. It is thanks to this sound feedback that your brain learns to relax step by step. The exercise of the session consists of trying to diminish or even eliminate this sound: in this way, you train your brain to enter a state of relaxation when it needs it. The regularity of the sessions melomind™is essential: like a top-level sportsman, regular sessions allow you to “muscle” this new skill, that of relaxing when needed.

Breaks to breathe.

The fifteen-minute session is interspersed with three or four one- to two-minute breaks during which you can relax. It is important to approach melomind™this as an exercise rather than a mental nap: these breaks allow you to avoid trying too hard to relax … it would be a shame to get the opposite result! After each break, the relaxing atmosphere changes. A new journey opens up for you!

A graphical curve, which shows your brain activity.

Once the session is over, a graphical curve showing the activity of your brain during these 15 minutes is displayed in the applicationmelomind™. A sort of summary of the session, this curve allows you to evaluate your state of relaxation live. Note that it is rarely linear, which is normal! Each session is unique, and representative of the state of the moment. There is no right or wrong way to go about it: taking this time for yourself is doing what is best for you.

Above all, a time for oneself

A session melomind™is a precious moment to listen to his feelings, his tensions, his knots. The opportunity to reconnect with sensations, whatever they may be. Pleasant, uncomfortable … He gave us few opportunities for deep and gentle introspection. And yet, it is by allowing ourselves these breaks, by practicing relaxation, that we regenerate ourselves internally.

So, ready for a second session?