myBrain Technologies presents its new ambitions with a strengthened management team

  • myBrain Technologies presents its new ambitions with a strengthened management team
    Reinforcement of the digital marketing strategy for the deployment
    of melomind TM to the general public
    Involvement in the medical sector for the treatment of
    anxiety disorders and depression by neurofeedback
    Appointment of Philippe Hartmanshenn, Chief Operating Officer (COO)


    Paris, France – May 13, 2020 – myBrain Technologies, a company specializing in neurotechnology solutions to improve the management and treatment of stress, anxiety and depression through neurofeedback, announces its new ambitions.

    After designing and developing melomind TM, a neurofeedback device that allows each user to exercise conscious control over their brain activity, myBrain Technologies is embarking on a medical strategy with the development of an alternative offer to drug treatments to improve anxiety and depressive disorders.

    “The health crisis related to VIDOC-19 and the resulting upheavals highlight new therapeutic needs to manage mental health disorders. The company’s new organization and the arrival of recognized experts in their field reflect myBrain Technologies’ ambition: to strengthen its position in neuroscience brain training solutions by accelerating the large-scale commercial deployment of melomind TM, and to guide its medical neurofeedback solution towards clinical development,” said Yohan Attal, President and Co-Founder of myBrain Technologies.

    To carry out its projects, myBrain Technologies has appointed Philippe Hartmanshenn, Chief Operating Officer (CO

    O) Philippe Hartmanshenn has spent more than 15 years as President, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer of several Toshiba Group subsidiaries in France, where he led the launch and development of new activities. By leading the management of transversal projects integrating strategic, commercial, industrial and financial components, he has developed a multidisciplinary expertise that will be essential for the success of the next steps in the company’s growth. Alongside Yohan Attal, Chairman of myBrain Technologies, he will oversee financial activities, HR, partnerships and development projects.

    Philippe Hartmanshenn
    “myBrain Technologies is an exciting young company! For what it has already accomplished in the field of research and development of innovative neurofeedback solutions, but also for the tremendous challenge it now faces to industrialize its offer and successfully enter a volume market in France and internationally. I am very happy to join the team to take part in this success story in the making”.
     states Philippe Hartmanshenn.

    myBrain Technologies relies on a strengthened sales department for the deployment in France and internationally of the digital marketing strategy of melomindTM, and on the expertise of Dr Caroline Atlani, Medical Director (CMO) consultant. She will oversee clinical studies, medical affairs, professional relations and scientific communication, with a view to obtaining “medial device” status for the neurofeedback solution in development in Europe and the United States.

    Dr. Caroline Atlani
    “I am very pleased to contribute to the myBrain Technologies team and I am proud to advise them on strategy. 
    medical and clinical. The coherent, integrative and personalised neurophysiological approach that the company is developing covers three dimensions: diagnostic assistance, behavioural psycho-body therapy and long-term patient monitoring”. states Dr. Caroline Atlani.About myBrain Technologies neurofeedback technologies

    The products of myBrain Technologies are developed by neuroscientists in collaboration with the Brain Institute in Paris. They are brain training solutions that allow to control brain activity in order to increase well-being and deep relaxation, both for home use and as part of a follow-up treatment. The goal of these neurofeedback technologies is to allow the user to modulate Alpha waves, naturally generated by the brain, to minimize symptoms related to stress and anxiety. The application of these innovative solutions connected to the clinical field will allow, beyond the benefits for patients and healthcare professionals, the collection and analysis of unprecedented data via artificial intelligence tools, the identification of digital biomarkers, which will advance fundamental and clinical scientific research to better treat diseases with a neurological component.
    About myBrain Technologies – 
    myBrain Technologies is a French company, created by neuroscientists, which develops neuro-technological brain training solutions, in partnership with the Brain Institute. myBrain Technologies has complete control of the entire chain of its solutions, which includes research, design and development of the hardware and software suite, all of which is protected by strong intellectual and industrial property.

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