Brain Week – melomind™at the Brain and Spinal Cord Institute

Brain Week - melomind™at the Brain and Spinal Cord Institute

March 16, 2019 – melomind™creates the event at the ICM around the theme “Neurosciences and Well-being”.

How can neuroscience be integrated into daily life to improve well-being?

On Saturday March 16, from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm, on the occasion of Brain Week 2019, the Neuroscience research team from myBrain Technologies / melomind™led a workshop

Neurosciences & Well-being at the Brain and Spinal Cord Institute – ICM.

– presentations on neurofeedback and its application to strengthen the brain mechanisms involved in relaxation.
– Demonstration of the anti-stress helmetmelomind™, the first brain training solution for relaxation through neurofeedback.

In the presence of Audrey Breton, PhD, head of Neuroscience Research at myBrain Technologies.


What is Brain Week? ?

Organized every year in March since 1998, Brain Week is coordinated in France by the Society for Neuroscience.

This international event, organized simultaneously in about 100 countries and more than 120 cities in France, aims to raise public awareness of the importance of brain research. It is an opportunity for many researchers, physicians and student volunteers to meet the public and share with it the advances obtained in neuroscience research laboratories, to present the issues at stake for the knowledge of the brain and the implications for our society.

Throughout the week, the general public will be able to meet researchers to learn more about the brain and find out about current research.

It is a spectacular event by its national and international dimension, by the number of people involved, by the public success it has met, and by the quality of its programming.