The way we live our life is intense and stress-generating.
With our connected solution, you can enhance your daily life by teaching yourself how to deal with emotions and find inner peace.

Train your brain to relax in the long term.

A headset including innovative
electrodes to monitor your brain activity.

Over-ear speakers providing
an imersive sensorial experience

A complete training app


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How does it work?

The headset monitors your relaxation rate through the dry electrodes
and send the data to the melomind app on your phone.


The app then modulates the audio interactive session to match your results in real time and send it to the speakers to relax youand coach you into gaining points and training your brain so that you can become an expert at managing emotions

What are the benefits of the Melomind?

Mind management
Understand and
manage your emotions
thanks to neurotechnologies

Long-term well-being
Feel good with yourself
and in your daily life

Time saving
Relaxation sessions last only
from 3 to 20 minutes

Easy to use
Fast, comfortable, user friendly 
and transportable

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